A cardboard zoo

This week, M’s visit to the zoo coincided with me feeling inspired to get some bits of cardboard out of the maid room (local parlance for a windowless room in which some people accommodate a maid, but others, like us, store buckets and brooms and pieces of potentially useful cardboard) – and do something with them.

Here’s what we made:

An elephant, a lion, a rather small camel and a giraffe (stripes by M). Each animal has two slots cut in the base, which fit into slots cut in the strip of folded card that acts as a support.

M felt that the bus ride to the zoo had been a highlight of the trip, so she added a bus and a road for it to drive on:

She also added a snake (which didn’t need to be stood up) and requested houses for the animals to live in. The house on the left is a very quickly cut-up tissue box, and the one on the right is made from a single long strip of cardboard with slots cut in it to hold it together at the apex, and another horizontal strip to brace it in the middle.

Dustyfeet assisted in colouring the elephant and the lion, and was avidly interested in the whole process. She also had fun playing with the animals when we were done (and was largely responsible for their eventual destruction).

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