Sliding ice

The dust is rising here in Gulftown, and so is the temperature. Dustyfeet and I spent two days confined to our flat this week because our usual “going out” activities were cancelled and the weather was too bad (windy, ergo huge clouds of choking toxic noxious dust from Iraq) to go for walks. It was a long two days, and I decided I needed to be much more efficient and proactive about finding things to do with her at home.

A bit of web browsing took me to the amazing blog of Chasing Cheerios and more toddler activities than you could shake a yoghurt-laden spoon at. I almost gave up the idea of blogging about our own activities at all, but then I tried a couple of things with Dustyfeet, and she immediately started to innovate.

So, inspired by Chasing Cheerios, yesterday Dustyfeet had a happy time filling an icecube tray with pieces of dried pasta and pouring water over them. We froze them overnight, and today it was time for some icy play. We put half the ice cubes into a bowl of water for Dustyfeet to fish for them with a slotted spoon. The water from the tanks on our roof is lukewarm now and we were surprised how quickly the ice disappeared. Dustyfeet was left fishing out pieces of pasta (which acquires a strange rubbery texture when frozen in water).

I put the second batch of ice on a plastic tray. Dustyfeet and M (our 5-year-old neighbour) discovered that the tray could be propped up in the sink at an angle and they could have races, sliding their ice cubes down the tray and into the sink. Then we got on the floor, propped the tray over a bottle of water, and made a see-saw for the ice cubes. Dustyfeet was most impressed at the way the ice slipped and slithered from one end of the tray to the other and back again (a little lesson in gravity). She sat on the bathroom floor with an ice cube in each hand and said “Happy! Happy!”

We’ll be playing with ice again then.

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