Tree collage and toddler paintings

Here is this morning’s artistic effort:

I drew a tree trunk, then Dustyfeet and I tore up bits of paper and she learnt to use a glue stick. She had a lot of fun sticking the “leaves” on, and was very proud of herself when she realised that she had actually made a picture.

We have also recently discovered paint. Our first efforts were with watercolours (crayola watercolours are brilliant – really rich lovely colours):

It took a lot of concentration for Dustyfeet to do watercolours in the “right” order – dip brush in water, dip brush in paint, put brush on paper. She did a pretty good job though:

I also like our neighbour M’s creation (M is 5). She painted her hand with the brush and did a handprint, then she painted over the hand. Because watercolours are transparent, it made a really interesting effect.

Yesterday I also gave Dustyfeet some poster paints to try. I squirted little blobs of paint onto her paper, and she went for it with a brush and frequently demanded “more yellow” (yellow seems to be her favourite colour – she has a magnetic attraction to things yellow).

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