The temperature is rising in Gulf Town

We arrived here in November and the climate has really been very kind to us: clear winter skies, the occasional duststorm, but generally very comfortable. Now the heat is on. 43 degrees outside today, and 46 forecast for tomorrow. It’s only spring in British terms, and summer is still to come.

So far, Dustyfeet and I have spent a lot of our time out and about. We are frequently by the sea, and we have a membership card for the local aquarium, at the end of our street. That’s all about to change: I’m really going to have to start to specialise in home entertainment over the next few months!

The other challenge, of course, is that most of the inhabitants of Gulf Town leave for the summer. There are currently 7 toddlers who meet in the evenings in the lobby of our building to run around and ride their tricycles and have the occasional fight over toys. In only a month from now, Dustyfeet will have the whole lobby to herself: they’ll all have gone back to Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the UK.

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