Peg dolly time

Our local supermarket in Gulf Town sells wooden clothespins! I was very excited to find these and I have lots of plans for them. To begin with, I thought Dustyfeet would like to try this activity from Chasing Cheerios. She found it a bit difficult and quickly lost interest (she’s much better at running and jumping than anything fiddly), until I started drawing faces on the pinheads and she realised their dolly potential.

So I tried a different tack and spent an evening and an afternoon painting clothespins: 12 pegs in 6 bright colours, each with a nice smiley face. Dustyfeet was entranced, and became much more interested in what we could do with them.

She likes putting things into containers and posting them through holes, so first she put all the dollies into a milk bottle.

Then we took them all out again and tried a matching game. Dustyfeet had already been sorting her pencils into her stacking cups earlier in the day (on her own initiative) so we sorted the dollies by colour – green dollies to the green cup, blue dollies to the blue cup, orange dollies to the white cup… well, they didn’t all quite match, but Dustyfeet didn’t mind.

Then it was time to put the dollies away into their bag. Taking the dollies in and out of the bag proved to be a fascinating game in its own right:

Dustyfeet was delighted with her peg dolls and even took them out for a walk with Sandydad when he came home from work.

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