Adventures in food colouring (and other busy morning stories)

It’s 41 degrees outside today so we’re staying in. I have been given some new energy by a visit to a Montessori nursery – Dustyfeet won’t be going there because it’s too difficult to get to (nearly an hour in a taxi each way – just not worth it) but I came home with lots of ideas. I have also acquired a dog-eared secondhand copy of “The Pre-Schooler’s Busy Book” and discovered an amazing new blog (new to me, anyway).
So, this morning, we started by mashing up some manky bananas and making sugar-free banana muffins.

While they were cooking, we did this:

I borrowed this idea from the nursery. Take several little jars and put a drop of food colouring in the bottom of each; we had red, yellow and green (if we’d had blue as well I’d have got out more jars and we’d have done colour mixing, but that’s an activity for another day). Dustyfeet did some very Mummy-assisted pouring of water into each jar.
At the nursery they dropped the colours onto kitchen paper using rubber droppers, but as we didn’t have any I cut up a kitchen sponge and gave Dustyfeet one sponge for each colour. She dabbed and squeezed and shook the colours onto the kitchen towel and was delighted with how they spread and ran into each other. The sodden towels stuck nicely onto the tiled wall of the kitchen (the nursery had them stuck on a window with the light shining through).
At some point Dustyfeet got bored of dabbing water on the towels and started dribbling it onto the table instead, so then we did lots of dribbles and put the towels down on top to absorb them.
The whole activity was surprisingly unmessy, which makes it a winner for me. Diluted food colouring doesn’t stain and the quantities were so small it was easy to wipe up.
We stopped for a piece of banana muffin and then we tried an activity from the Busy Book – islands. We spread out the sofa cushions all over the floor of the lounge and we jumped from island to island. Then we started jumping into the water and swimming between the islands that were further apart, which Dustyfeet for some reason found hysterically funny. I suspect she’ll be asking to play this game again. It wore her out, made no mess whatsoever and got her doing some serious physical activity in a very small space – also a winner!

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