Jars full of fun

There are no recycling facilities in Gulf Town (nor anything else that might be construed as vaguely environmentally friendly), so my cupboards have been accumulating glass jars, in the hope that they might come in useful one day. Today I took them all out of the cupboard, loaded them into the laundry basket (we don’t own a tray) and set them all out on the rug in the lounge where they were slightly less likely to break than if Dustyfeet dropped any on our tiled kitchen floor.

I took all the lids off and asked her if she could put the right lids back on the right jars. She was surprisingly systematic about it. She went straight for the smallest:

and then the biggest:

and then all the ones that were of the same kind:

She lost interest in finishing off the odds and sods, and was experimenting with taking the lids on and off, when she discovered that the vanilla bottle had a nice smell.

“Mummy, smell!”

Then she had to smell all the jars to see what the others had had in them:

“Mmm, honey!”

We talked about the fact that the jars were made of glass and would break if she dropped them. She was very careful and only needed reminding a couple of times. When she had finished she put them all gently back into the basket so I could take them back to the kitchen and put them away for another day.

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