Foam numbers

In the last couple of days, Dustyfeet has developed a new and intense interest in her special toilet seat, which is shaped like a duck. So intense, in fact, that she has actually managed to produce something a couple of times. I was going to leave it a bit longer, but I’m totally happy to go with the idea of baby-led potty training (see also here), but the downside is that she doesn’t want to put her nappy back on or go very far away from the duck. Therefore, a little bathroom play seemed an appropriate way to pass the afternoon, and luckily I had something saved up:

Foam numbers! I got this idea from the Imagination Tree. I wanted sheets of craft foam to cut my own shapes like she did, so that we could make pictures, but sadly I couldn’t find any (for those in the UK, it costs ¬£1 a pack in Tesco). What I did find in our local stationers was these numbers. If you wet them they stick to any smooth surface – a tiled wall, a window, a fridge. Dustyfeet loves stickers, so she was very pleased to find that these stuck – and could be moved about and stuck again.

There’s only a limited number of things you can do with numbers, especially when you can’t read or count. We sang “1-2-3-4-5, once I caught a fish alive” and I put the numbers in order for her and pointed to them as we sang. Then we tried to make a picture.

It’s a house – can you tell?

Then we got tired of being in the bathroom, which gets rather hot in the middle of the day (the air-conditioning doesn’t penetrate to any of that side of our apartment) so we negotiated a nappy and moved on…

… to using them as number stamps on Dustyfeet’s favourite new toy, her Aquadoodle!

While I’m on the subject, I highly recommend the Aquadoodle for easy toddler entertainment. I got this one secondhand from someone who was leaving Gulf Town and selling heaps of toys. Dustyfeet has used it pretty much nonstop since she got it – we even took it to church, where it entertained a bunch of kids at the back for most of the service. You paint on it with water, it makes no mess (it comes with refillable water “pens”), and when it dries it goes white again and you can start all over again. Virtually indestructible, as far as I can tell!

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