a cardboard house

Here’s one I made earlier, but it has become so much a part of our lives that I thought I ought to blog about it.

I made this from two large cardboard boxes (one had a washing machine in it, the other a car seat), several rolls of cheap craft paper, some duct tape (to hold it all together – that was back in the bad old days before I owned a glue gun), and a massive amount of white craft glue.

It has windows of many shapes:

a robin in a tree:

a blackbird on another branch:

round doors to crawl through (hint: most of the duct tape is around that inner door, which goes through the side of both boxes):

and an arched door to open and close:

I used the inside bit of some corrugated cardboard for the name on the door because I had just come across Montessori sandpaper letters, and thought something a bit tactile would be good.

Dustyfeet thought so too. I’m not sure why she has a shoe in her hand.

Then there’s a window box:

some pictures on the walls:

and a friend to share it with:

Come on Dolly!

It’s time for a cup of tea!

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One Response to a cardboard house

  1. Anne Mackay says:

    That’s amazing!! You are so creative. I love your robin and blackbird, I don’t think I could make them so real looking!

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