A marvellous white powder: cornflour

Dustyfeet and I made a new discovery today. It’s called cornflour. We spooned a big pile of it into the washing up bowl and spread it around.

Now this is a substance that I’ve never really taken the time to explore properly myself. We played with it in its powder form for ages. Did you know that cornflour crunches like snow when a plastic horse walks across a white field of it?

I think Dustyfeet would have been happy to carry on playing with this amazing powder, just as it was, but at a certain point I gave her a very small amount of water to add to it.

At first she was less than convinced; she liked it better in its powdered form. Away with these lumps!

I gave her a bottle with a little bit more water in it. I wanted to add the water very gradually so we had plenty of time to examine and explore. She poured it in and realised that actually this stuff had potential. Gloop! Gloop that seems to liquify and solidify according to a will of its own, even as you hold it in your hands. Dustyfeet kept repeating “Wow! Wow! More gloop?”

I don’t have any photos of the gloopy stage of this (my hands were too gloopy to hold the camera) but we had so much fun that we played right through the time that we’d normally have lunch. Then all of a sudden Dustyfeet announced that she was tired and wanted to go to sleep – and trotted off to bed and did just that. This white powder is marvellous indeed (at least if you want your child to take regular midday naps!).

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