Cardboard rocking cradle

One day, Dustyfeet decided that it was time for her dollies to have a nap:

And her frogs:

It turned out there was a reason for this sleepy theme:

And it also gave me an idea:

After Dustyfeet’s nap, I got out the scissors and cut up this box. I made the box a bit smaller and I cut end pieces with one curved edge (these were actually a bit TOO curvaceaous – I would recommend a more subtle curve if you try this):

I stuck it all together with the glue gun (my most recent crafting acquisition, and I can’t believe it took me so many years to get one – if you like crafting at all, get one – they’re brilliant):

Now Baby Doll can sleep in comfort in a rocking cradle:

I did intend to get out some paints and so we could decorate this, or maybe even cover it in a few layers of papier mache, but sadly our next door neighbour sat in it and it didn’t survive. I’ll probably make another one sometime though; there are always dollies around here just desperate for a nap, it seems!

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