Elephant week: elephant masks

We still have five weeks left in Gulf Town before we escape for the summer. It’s 47 degrees outside and most of our friends have already left or are about to leave, so playdates aren’t happening very much. I decided that the only way to survive was to have a PLAN, and a friend who is doing something similar came up with the idea of having a weekly theme around which to base activities.

This week our theme is elephants.

We began yesterday with elephant masks.

First, I cut eyes in a couple of paper plates. I measured the distance between my eyes and Dustyfeet’s eyes with my fingers, to get the holes in the right place.

Next I cut out trunk shapes from a cereal box. An elephant’s trunk starts off as wide as his face, so I used the paper plate as a guide for how wide it should be.

I used the plate to draw and cut a curve around the top of the trunk, so it would attach neatly to the bottom of the plate.

Then it was Dustyfeet’s turn. She painted the plates and the trunk pieces, plus two extra plates, in an elephant colour. I gave her black and white paint and she used a paint roller to mix and spread it, just to make a change from brushes. We had watched some youtube videos of elephants earlier in the day and she kept asking for “more black” because her grey wasn’t dark enough.

When the paint was dry, I attached a piece of elastic to each mask, then I hot-glued the trunk to the bottom of each plate. The extra plates I cut in half and they became ears.

I’m glad we made two because our neighbour M came around and was very happy to discover something new to play with. Dustyfeet wasn’t quite sure about the idea of actually wearing an elephant mask though – she seemed to find them a little freaky.

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