Our July calendar

To count down the days and organise our time until we leave Gulf Town for the summer, I made Dustyfeet a calendar. I’m sure I could have been very much more creative about this, but I wasn’t sure how interested she’d be – I might have to make a more interactive calendar next time.

It turned out Dustyfeet was VERY interested in the calendar, especially when I started drawing things in the squares to represent what we were going to do those days.

She was particularly excited about the prospect of doing elephant activities every day this week – and she’s looking forward to camels next week. The British flag interested her too (we’re going to do both flag and UK-related activities that week) – and the plane, indicating when we’re going to depart for the UK.

I hope the calendar will start to give her a sense of days (at least) and weeks (maybe). We’ll look at it each morning and talk about what’s going to happen that day. I’ve marked our regular weekly activities on it already, so I hope they’ll give her an idea of how the calendar works and how long it takes for an activity to come around again.

If we get on well with this, I might make her another calendar for the time that we’re travelling, so she can see how many days we’re staying in a particular place, and who we’re going to stay with next.

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