Patchwork elephant

Yesterday we decided to give paints a rest and do some glueing instead. We don’t have any Elmer the Elephant books but we looked at some pictures on the web to get some inspiration, and then I drew another elephant on some coloured paper. I cut out lots of squares and gave Dustyfeet the glue stick.

We had some control issues over the glue stick, as she wanted to dig the glue out with her fingers and spread it everywhere, especially over the kitchen cupboards (I wonder why she wants to do this with glue, but has never tried it with paint?). She was also much more interested in putting glue on the squares than in sticking the squares to the paper – so in the end, we settled for that: she applied the glue and I did most of the sticking.

By the time we had finished, you couldn’t really see the elephant anymore, and Dustyfeet said “Where the elephant gone?” So we turned it over and, as with the fingerpainted elephant, I cut out the shape and we stuck it on a fresh sheet of paper.

We’re getting quite a collection of elephant art!

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