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All aboard!

We’ve been counting down the days on our calendar, and tomorrow we’re off on an epic journey. Yesterday, Dustyfeet helped (or hindered) me as I made a start on packing our suitcases. We counted out t-shirts and socks and the … Continue reading

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Shoe line-up

It was one of those days when we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves. In England, it would probably have been raining outside. Here in Gulf Town, it was about 50 degrees, and no way were we going … Continue reading

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Baby, you can drive your car!

What’s this? Sandydad thought it might be a flag for some obscure country that has a flag with a green background. Does the addition of some black acrylic paint cast any light on the subject? How about adding some more … Continue reading

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More dolls!

Remember Dolly? She goes everywhere with Dustyfeet, and so many people have admired her and asked where she came from that I’ve decided that I will, after all, make some more. My initial plan is to make two more dolls … Continue reading

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A house for a mouse

I bookmarked this fabric dollhouse tutorial months and months ago, planning to make it when Dustyfeet was old enough. I’ve made it (thanks to a kind friend whose husband brought me plastic canvas from the UK), but I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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Repurposing toys: stacking rings as threading beads

I’ve been thinking about getting Dustyfeet some threading beads, but yesterday I realised we already had some. Stacking rings and the string of a pull-along horse! Dustyfeet found this activity quite challenging – she could put the string through the … Continue reading

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“Mummy mia, here I go again!”

The other day we went down south to Oil Town for a church service. Oil Town feels much older and quieter than modern, manic Gulf Town – with a rural, rather colonial air. There are gum trees everywhere and the … Continue reading

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