A box of utensils

We had a friend come to visit the other day with her 7-month-old, so I needed to think of something that would keep Dustyfeet busy for the morning but that the baby could engage with as well. I came up with a cardboard box, which I filled with everything I could find in the kitchen drawers that looked vaguely baby-safe: wooden spoons, slotted spoons, fish slices, potato mashers, a whisk, an icecream scoop, some tin foil and a handful of straws.

It worked a treat: both Dustyfeet and the little one were kept busy for ages, and the little one’s mother will now be raiding her own kitchen drawers for fresh entertainment.

Later in the day when they had gone home I added some beans to the box for Dustyfeet, and she played with it for another half hour or so, scooping, mixing, filling and pouring, while I got dinner. She added the bowl and the oat tin herself, obviously feeling that there was no point in having spoons if there wasn’t some sort of container to fill.

Grown up toys are always better than anything you can find in the toy box!

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