“An elephant goes like this and that”

Dustyfeet likes the elephant rhyme on our Merrily Merrily tape (this is a tape that I used to listen to as a child; we now have it on our iPod and it’s Dustyfeet’s favourite, too – and when I searched the web for it, I found out that it’s still going strong among early childhood educators in Australia).

Here’s the rhyme:

An elephant goes like this and that (sway arms from side to side like a nose);
He’s terribly big and he’s terribly fat.
He has no fingers, and he has no toes,
But goodness, gracious, WHAT a nose!

One day this week I decided we should spend some time learning about elephants’ noses. We watched several clips on youtube, of elephants drinking, squirting, eating and lifting things with their trunks. Dustyfeet was quite impressed at how the elephant drank by squirting water into his mouth.

Then it was time to attempt being elephants ourselves. We put socks on our hands, I put some cornpuffs in the bottom of a bucket, and we ate them with our “trunks”.

It quickly became apparent that Dustyfeet needed a sock on each hand, otherwise she used her un-socked hand to eat.

She spent some time practising taking the socks on and off.

Not the healthiest of activities, but everyone enjoys a cornpuff once in a while (even elephants), and it did livened up an otherwise rather dull afternoon!

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