Planes, trains and marble games

Only three weeks to go until we join the rest of the population of Gulf Town at the airport. I’m busy planning things to occupy Dustyfeet for long periods of time stuck in a seat, because not only do we have a six-hour flight each way to and from the UK, we also have several long train journeys (including overnight on the sleeper to Glasgow) once we get there.

I’m planning to wrap up lots of small objects and give them to her to unwrap, one by one.

Some of them are things that I’ve bought:

* a matchbox car

* an etch-a-sketch (I found a very small one)

* a new colouring book

* stickers

Other things I am making, including a crayon roll and this house (coming soon).

The beauty of the crayon roll is that it holds the crayons in quite firmly, so she won’t be able to tip them everywhere quite so quickly as she could with a cardboard packet or a pencil case (I used this tutorial).

And a few other things I intend to add if I have time to put them together:

* a lacing card (a piece of card with holes punched in it and a shoelace to thread through them)

* this marble travel game (if I can find some marbles or a suitable alternative)

* a new Tot Pack (we used one of these very successfully on our last trip)

* a pictorial calendar showing where we are going and who we are going to see during the time that we are away. Dustyfeet is really enjoying the calendar we made the other day, and loves looking to see what’s going to happen today, so I hope a calendar will be helpful and take away some of the unsettling nature of 6 weeks of travelling.

Please comment on this post and let me know if you have a brilliant idea that I could add to the list. Even if we don’t use it on this trip, we’re likely to have plenty of travel still to come, and I know I have a few readers who are also travelling with young ones and will value your suggestions!

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