Repurposing toys: stacking rings as threading beads

I’ve been thinking about getting Dustyfeet some threading beads, but yesterday I realised we already had some.

Stacking rings and the string of a pull-along horse!

Dustyfeet found this activity quite challenging – she could put the string through the hole, but couldn’t quite get the idea of keeping hold of it and pulling it through – it kept falling out. In the end, she opted for a collaboration: I held the rings and she threaded the string.

Then she took the horse for a walk, accompanied by a “caterpillar”.

It was a good opportunity to rediscover some of the features of the horse, too – she particularly admired its rather beautiful wheels (my aunt’s neighbour made this horse for her).

This morning we tried a different threading activity: pipe cleaners and cheerios. She found it much easier to thread the cheerios than the big beads – partly because the pipe cleaners are stiff and needle-like, whereas the string kept flopping about, and partly because the cheerios were just the right size to fit on the pipe cleaners – they only come off if you pull them off or, er, bite them off.

I showed her how to make a pipe cleaner bracelet. It didn’t last long, but I’m sure we’ll be making more of these. In fact, I’m wondering if I can get away with taking pipe cleaners on an aeroplane?

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4 Responses to Repurposing toys: stacking rings as threading beads

  1. Kate says:

    I love this! I love how engaged Dustyfeet is! You can tell that it is a good challenge for her and her brain is working! Love that!

  2. Love the idea of repurposing toys for something other than the obvious. And I love it even more that its a learning activity – working those little fingers! I featured this on It’s Playtime this week along with some other fine motor activities! Thanks for playing! Come and play this week again!

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  4. Pingback: It's Playtime! : Fine Motor Skills | hands on : as we grow

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