A house for a mouse

I bookmarked this fabric dollhouse tutorial months and months ago, planning to make it when Dustyfeet was old enough. I’ve made it (thanks to a kind friend whose husband brought me plastic canvas from the UK), but I’ve decided to keep it a while longer before giving it to her. She has inherited so many toys from people departing Gulf Town in the annual exodus of end-of-contracts and moving-to-somewhere-cooler, that she really doesn’t need any more excitement – and I think she’ll find this very exciting!

Every little yellow cottage needs an apple tree:

Blue gingham curtains:

And a flowering bush around the back:

But who lives here? Could it be a family of mice?

Here they are, going for a walk in their front garden:

They are very proud of their furnishings. They have a little brown wardrobe for their clothes, a clock, and a fireplace.

But best of all, they love their sofa, which when they are tired, converts into a bed, just the right size for three little mice to take a nap.

For those who like to know such details, the whole thing is made of felt on plastic canvas (I even lined the canvas with felt, because I couldn’t get batting), and is nearly all handsewn. The mice are traditional wooden clothespegs, their legs sawn off short by Sandydad, and covered in felt. The sofa is plastic canvas as well, covered in felt and with a very small amount of stuffing.

I shall now stow this away in some secret place until an appropriate moment!

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2 Responses to A house for a mouse

  1. Crafty Lady says:

    that is absolutely adorable. If I had little children to give any projects to I think I would make them a dollhouse! It looks far more play friendly than some of the hard plastic playhouses that you get at the store!

  2. Poppie says:

    This is gorgeous…you’re very talented!!!

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