Baby, you can drive your car!

What’s this?

Sandydad thought it might be a flag for some obscure country that has a flag with a green background.

Does the addition of some black acrylic paint cast any light on the subject?

How about adding some more masking tape…

… and a splash of white paint?

It’s a road! And not just any road – it’s a road that happens to be more or less the size and dimensions of an aeroplane tray table (about 16.5″ by 10.5″, depending on the airline).

Hidden in my cupboard are some Matchbox cars, in their boxes, waiting to be wrapped up, so that Dustyfeet can spend lots of time unwrapping them and playing with the boxes, before it is revealed that this is more than just a road.

It’s a village! And not just any village – it has movable houses, trees, a church and a shop.

The concept of the travel car mat came from Serving Pink Lemonade (I like her idea of making several of these mats that can be joined together in multiple different ways – I might do that, when we get home again). The painted road was my modification – a pragmatic response to not having any black felt in the house. I really like the tarmacky texture that you get when you dab acrylic paint onto felt with a sponge. As for the movable houses, well, Fuzzy Felt is an OLD idea, but completely new to Dustyfeet.

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One Response to Baby, you can drive your car!

  1. Claire Slim says:

    This is such a fantastic idea! Hope Dustyfeet likes it & the plane ride.

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