All aboard!

We’ve been counting down the days on our calendar, and tomorrow we’re off on an epic journey. Yesterday, Dustyfeet helped (or hindered) me as I made a start on packing our suitcases. We counted out t-shirts and socks and the like, but she was more interested in grabbing certain things from the case and keeping them out of my reach – “This mine!”

She wanted to know if Dolly was going to go on the plane, and then she wanted to pack a little bag herself. We got out the small blue rucksack I bought for this purpose, and I let her choose what to put in it. Her priorities were interesting (and I thought quite sensible): dolly’s clothes, her cat puppet, some duplo farm animals, hair clips and hairbands, bracelets, the pink party dress and pair of shorts that she hadn’t wanted me to have, a notepad and a handful of coloured pencils. Everything a little girl needs to take on the world, really!

After that she’d had enough of packing, so we decided to play “going on an aeroplane”. We lined up a couple of chairs, walked along the aisle with our bags, and sat down. I explained that we would only have two chairs on the flight, and she would have to sit on Mummy or Daddy’s lap (she was a bit put out about this – but it’s okay, she’ll be two and entitled to her own seat on the way back). We sat on the chairs to read some books and have a snack, and we talked about how the air hostess would bring us our food and drink.

(Sorry for the face – it’s her current version of posing for the camera!)

When our flight landed, we went and got our passports out of the file and had a look at them. She identified Mummy and Daddy’s passports, but wasn’t sure who the baby was – Dustyfeet was six weeks old when we applied for her passport.

We’ll probably play “packing Dustyfeet’s bag” again today, as most of its contents have since been removed and distributed around the house.

And tomorrow we’ll play “going on an aeroplane” for real. We won’t be blogging while we’re travelling, but we’ll be back in six weeks and we’ll tell you all about it on our return. See you all soon!

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2 Responses to All aboard!

  1. DaisyMae says:

    On our trip, Fairy Girl bought Dman a backpack as well. It has a little stuffed bear on the outside, as well as all the requisite straps and buckles. He promptly packed it with two variations of T-Rex, several rocks of indeterminate parentage, an empty sippee cup, and half a bag of chips (‘crisps’ for you Brits). Definitely a different line-up than Dustyfeet. lol

    Will we see you tomorrow before you leave?

    • How old is Dman? Do we want to speculate about boy-girl differences?

      Only if you want to get up and come to the airport VERY early. Hope you’re feeling better! Read your post by the way – I blame personality types for that kind of thing!

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