The Queen’s Head and Dhow

Sandydad and I used to collect unusual pub names (when we lived in a land where there were pubs) so I couldn’t resist that title, even though the rest of this post has nothing to do with pubs!

Dustyfeet and I are back from our travels in the Great UK Outdoors. We encountered a lot of rain and mud and twigs and leaves and various other things that we don’t see around here. They’ll be the subject of another post, but meanwhile, we have been sorting out the contents of my purse.

It’s battered and bulgy and rather too well travelled, and every time I opened the coin compartment I had to scramble around to find the right currency.
Dustyfeet and I emptied the contents on the floor (she’s always wanted to do that!) and I gave her two bowls. I showed her how the “English” coins have the Queen’s head on one side (she refers to herself as English ever since she heard someone commenting on how well she speaks English), whereas the Gulf State coins all have dhows on them.

Dustyfeet examined the coins and separated them into the two bowls. Actually, she was better at identifying where the coins came from than at getting them into the right bowl – using identical bowls probably wasn’t very helpful.

She was slightly confounded by the presence of 50 Euro cents and an Australian 5 cent piece among the collection. Euro coins are okay because they don’t have a head or a dhow on them (they have a building – the European Parliament?), so are clearly a different type. But Australian coins have the Queen’s head and therefore belonged with the UK coins. Now how DO you explain the Commonwealth to a two year old?

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