The return of the peg dolls (again)

Last night I started reading my new book, Teach me to do it myself, for some inspiration for new activities. I decided on a clothes peg activity for today, but Dustyfeet pre-empted me by getting out her bag of peg dolls after breakfast, and attempting to peg them onto the side of a stacking cup. I asked her if she would like a cardboard box instead. “Oh, yes please!”

When she had lined up a few peg dolls around the side of the box, I offered her some ordinary clothes pegs as well.

She found these interesting but had a hard time working out which end needed to be squeezed, and which end needed to go on the box, so she soon went back to the dolls. She lined them all up, took them off again, put some of them back on and finally dumped them all in the box for storage (her idea).

Dustyfeet has changed dramatically in the six weeks that we’ve been away from Gulf Town. This activity would have been beyond her back in July. I’m really enjoying the fact that she’s now returning to a lot of the things we’ve tried before, choosing to do tasks that in the past she has found difficult, and generally getting a fresh enjoyment and a lot more mileage out of many of our activities.

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