Dustyfeet’s adventures in the Great British Outdoors

We’ve been back in Gulf Town for two weeks. The temperature is dropping (sometimes it dips below 40C) but Dustyfeet looks out of the window and says “Can we go outside, Mummy?” Then she answers herself: “Too hot to go out” – and we stay indoors.

The highlight of our UK trip was the freedom to be OUTSIDE. On our first afternoon in London, we went to Russell Square. Dustyfeet was beside herself with excitement at the ground under her feet. New words poured into her vocabulary: grass, twigs, leaves, daisies, bark. She could pick them all up and collect them, because they weren’t coated in noxious dust. Then she discovered that there were pigeons and squirrels to chase, and her cup of happiness was full (no photos, alas – we were too busy enjoying ourselves, and forgot to take any)!

Dustyfeet spent much of her holiday in Gran’s garden, watering the plants (whether they needed it or not – it was a very wet summer in Gran’s garden):

We did eventually get her a watering can more suited to her size.

She also enjoyed creating mud. And digging in it. Mud is one thing that Gulf Town definitely cannot provide. Not even the dried kind (just add water for fresh mud pies!).

Gran’s piano was a bit of a hit too (about the only thing she did want to do indoors). We sang lots of songs (Dustyfeet is just discovering her singing voice) and did a fair amount of dancing.

We went to Hope Nature Centre and she met some horses…

… and found a little house in the woods, where she thought she’d stop and sit for a while.

She ran down hills…

… and through yew tunnels…

… and in a cottage in the woods…

… she found a chair that was just right.

We went blackberrying (again, no photos – our hands were somewhat purple!) and made blackberry and apple crumble for Grandad’s dinner. Dustyfeet wanted to wash the dishes as well.

We also found some sand on an English beach. Dustyfeet was  keen to persuade her friend that sand is okay.

Seaweed is pretty good stuff, too.

All in all, the whole trip was a one big tactile experience. Ah, the amazing texture of clean, damp sand! British sand is much grainier than Gulf sand. Much better for making sandcastles.

Finally, it was time to go home.

She was very pleased to see Daddy and Teddy and her bicycle again. But every so often she asks, “Mummy, are we going on a plane again?”

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2 Responses to Dustyfeet’s adventures in the Great British Outdoors

  1. Sharon says:

    Lovely to see what you two got up to in the good old UK. Looking forward to seeing you all sometime. Take care

  2. DaisyMae says:

    I am so looking forward to the opportunity to be outside again. The pics are lovely… glad you’re back.

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