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Autumn tree

We’ve been going to a sensory play class recently at Bright Minds, a nursery that isn’t really a nursery, because the parents get to stay and attend classes with their kids. This week, the theme was Autumn (or rather, Fall … Continue reading

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Cupcake case turtle

Yesterday Dustyfeet wanted to do some sticking. I keep a small tray full of bits and pieces of interesting and colourful paper for such occasions, and in the tray I found a whole pile of tiny brown cupcake cases. They … Continue reading

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Melon ball boat

We had friends over for dinner the other night and I bought a beautiful ripe melon from the bakala next door, for dessert. With an ice cream scoop, I scooped all the melon into balls and piled them into one … Continue reading

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Swimming pool cake

Dustyfeet celebrated her second birthday while we were back in the UK. Here is her birthday cake: The idea came from my mum’s Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cake book, which dates back to the 1970s. I used to choose a … Continue reading

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Pompoms and an egg box

There’s a stack of egg trays in our maid room; I keep them because I’m sure there must be all sorts of great things you can do with them. The other day I finally thought of one. Dustyfeet tried out … Continue reading

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Playdough hedgehogs

Yesterday afternoon one of Dustyfeet’s friends came to play, and we got out the playdough. I had just been reading this post from Pre-School Play, and decided to add some macaroni and spaghetti into the mix. Dustyfeet wasn’t particularly interested … Continue reading

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