Pompoms and an egg box

There’s a stack of egg trays in our maid room; I keep them because I’m sure there must be all sorts of great things you can do with them. The other day I finally thought of one.

Dustyfeet tried out this one-to-one correspondence activity at a Montessori nursery we visited one day, and I realised an egg tray was just right for it. She started transferring the pompoms from the bowl to the tray using a small plastic spoon, but this quickly got boring.

Then I gave her my tweezers (the ideal tool would be a pair of teabag tongs, but we don’t have any) and she found this much more challenging and interesting. I had to show her several times how to hold the tweezers and which end to use, and it took her a while to remember not to let the tweezers open too quickly and drop the pompom on the floor.

She kept saying “You do it, Mummy”, but then she would take the tweezers from me and try again and again. She kept coming back to it, throughout the afternoon, and was getting quite accurate with her “sneezers” (as she called them) by the end of the day.

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