Swimming pool cake

Dustyfeet celebrated her second birthday while we were back in the UK. Here is her birthday cake:

The idea came from my mum’s Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cake book, which dates back to the 1970s. I used to choose a cake from it every year for my birthday.

To make a swimming pool cake, start with a round sponge. Cut a slight hollow in the top of the cake. I put a bowl on the cake and traced around it with a knife, then hollowed it out. You should have about a 1 inch border around the edge.

Cover the hole with the bowl and ice the sides and edges of the cake with butter cream icing.

Remove the bowl and fill the “pool” with mashed up green jelly.

Line the sides of the cake with chocolate fingers for a fence. The ladder is made out of two bent straws with toothpicks for steps, and it’s anchored in place with jelly sweets.

Add more jelly sweets for water toys, and a small dolly or two having a swim.

Add candles and present to your two year old! This one was very excited. She liked the chocolate fingers better than the cake, though.

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