Cupcake case turtle

Yesterday Dustyfeet wanted to do some sticking. I keep a small tray full of bits and pieces of interesting and colourful paper for such occasions, and in the tray I found a whole pile of tiny brown cupcake cases. They came with posh chocolates in them and were therefore clean enough to recycle and use in an appropriate moment.

Here is what we did with them:

I drew the turtle on a cereal box and cut it out, then Dustyfeet did most of the sticking. We used a very small bottle of white craft glue (PVA style). It’s the first time Dustyfeet has really worked with that kind of glue, and she was very good at squeezing the bottle carefully and putting just a small amount of glue on each cupcake case. I plan to buy a big bottle of glue and just keep refilling the smaller one, as it’s just the right size for her.

When we had finished one turtle she wanted to do another one. I traced around the original turtle but on the reverse side of the cardboard, so that we could stick the two turtles back to back and be slightly three-dimensional.

Dustyfeet got a bit carried away with the googly eyes on this one (a brilliant new addition to our craft cupboard), and made a turtle monster.

I helped her to dot glue all over the back of one of the turtles, and we stuck them together. Now I just need to dig out some string and find a good place for it to dangle!

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