Autumn tree

We’ve been going to a sensory play class recently at Bright Minds, a nursery that isn’t really a nursery, because the parents get to stay and attend classes with their kids. This week, the theme was Autumn (or rather, Fall – the teacher is American). We played with cassia sticks (a big version of cinnamon, and vaguely bark-like) and wheat, shredded paper in autumnal colours, and plastic leaves. It’s hard to do autumn in Gulf Town!

Today Dustyfeet and I decided to continue the theme and make an autumn tree. I cut a tree shape out of a large brown paper bag (there’s more paper than you’d imagine in an Ikea bag opened out flat) and stuck it on a white background. Dustyfeet wasn’t overly impressed; she looked at it critically and said “No good, Mummy, it needs leaves!”

Well, of course it does! For leaves, we traced our hands onto a sheet of paper and I cut them out (to save time, I cut through several layers of orange, red, green and yellow paper). Then we stuck the tree to the wall and pasted the leaves on.

We talked about how the leaves change colour and fall to the ground, and Dustyfeet had great fun experimenting with dropping our “leaves” from a height and watching them flutter down. Then she danced around the room pretending to be a fluttering leaf.

She also discovered that the finished tree was a great place to put the Winnie-the-Pooh stickers she was given at a birthday party the other day.

We spent quite a bit of time talking about the creatures on the stickers – bees, butterflies, a hedgehog and a squirrel – and where in the tree they might be found. Dustyfeet had the final say on where they ended up though!

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