How to let your child draw on the walls

I owe an apology to those people who I used to think were permissive parents because they allowed their children to scribble on the walls. Dustyfeet has been demonstrating that it’s not always a matter of “allowing” something, so much as figuring out a way to stop it.

I could take her crayons away from her, but that would create histrionics, and besides, she is so enjoying drawing and colouring at the moment – and even starting to draw things that actually look like things – that it would be a shame to stop her completely. And I can’t supervise her at every moment of the day; she always manages to find an instant where my back is turned.

So we decided to try and channel her attention towards a particular patch of wall. We used masking tape to tape two long strips of a roll of Ikea easel paper to the wall that is often the target of Dustyfeet’s artistic endeavours, and we told her that she could draw as much as she liked within the masking tape, but not outside. Generally, she’s been pretty good at sticking within the boundaries (although we have had one or two unpapered incidents). She also seems to have really enjoyed the process of filling the paper, so much so that we’ll be putting some more up very soon. Somehow, she just seems to prefer drawing on a vertical surface.

If you’re trying to keep wall art under control, this approach really helps, although it does require a fair amount of reminding. We’re also finding that washable markers (Crayola ones are best) are very much easier to clean off the paint than wax crayons, which will not scrub off and are really difficult to paint over. If you don’t have (or don’t like) Ikea nearby, wallpaper lining makes brilliant drawing paper too.

Now, does anyone have a good natural method for getting crayon off the walls?

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One Response to How to let your child draw on the walls

  1. Zoë Braven-Giles says:

    WD40 is great for removing wax crayon from the walls.

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