What town planners have in their playrooms

Sandydad is an urban planner, so it didn’t take much persuasion to get him to collaborate with me on this project.

We cut strips of black paper (A4, cut in half lengthways, plus a few pieces cut in a curve) and stuck them to the tiled floor of our playroom with small pieces of rolled up masking tape. Then Sandydad pasted white lines on top, and I followed him around with pieces of contact paper, making sure to leave no gaps and to seal it all to the floor so that we can still sweep and mop over the top.

Here’s the final result:

Sandydad couldn’t resist a bit of dodgy transport planning in the bottom left corner! He also opted for driving on the left, rather than on the right as is done in Gulf Town.

Dustyfeet wasn’t too fussed about which side of the road she should drive on!

We’ll cover this up with a rug when we get around to buying a playroom rug, and then we can get it out whenever we want to.  It’s just right for building a little town, doing a bit of construction work with a digger or two, or to complement T’s wooden railway.



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