Making heads

I realise I have been very inefficient at keeping up with this blog since we came back to Gulf Town after the summer. This is partly because the summer is over and we are out and about much more, so therefore home doing bloggable things less – and partly because I have been busy with other projects. Several other projects, in fact, but in particular, I have been making heads.

Here they are: Dolly 3 and Dolly 4, my next Waldorf doll orders.

Just cotton stockinette and carded wool so far, but it’s amazing how a bit of string gives them shape. Here they are again, almost humanoid:

Now add a layer of skin on top of the basic structure of the face (I think the nose is a very important feature, even if it isn’t quite traditional Waldorf):

… and mark where the eyes and mouth should go:

A bit robotic-looking? Choose an eye colour and they start to take on personality:

Arms to embrace the world with:

And legs to carry them through it:


And toes:

And here they are, completed, with hair and clothes:

For Dolly 3, on the left, I made clothes from scratch. This dress was modelled on one of her future owner’s favourite garments, and she also owns jeans and  a nice peasant blouse.

Dolly 4 was a little different. The mama who ordered her gave me a bag of her daughter’s outgrown baby clothes and challenged me to adapt them. I had so much fun figuring out different ways of using all the interesting hems and ruffles, straps and buttons on these clothes!

The blouse for this outfit was made from the lining of the original skirt. She also has matching bloomers underneath, because the little girl had this dress in two different sizes.

More dollies are on the way, hopefully in time for Christmas. They’re getting quite addictive, and I’ll definitely be upcycling old baby clothes again too. Might write a tutorial on how to do it next time.

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