Teddy’s birthday party

We recently acquired a wooden birthday cake, when one of the Gulf Town supermarkets suddenly acquired a big shipment of Melissa and Doug toys from somewhere. I love wooden toys, especially Melissa and Doug, and I couldn’t resist it! Nor, apparently, could Dustyfeet.

It comes with candles. Dustyfeet loves birthday cake candles. In her mind, matches = candles = birthday party. Fortunately, there were no matches provided (although I wonder if I could make some play matches, when her final back molar comes through and she stops chewing on things?). It does, however, have strawberries and sweets for decoration, and Dustyfeet is a big fan of strawberries – and sweets, of course.

First, it was Teddy’s birthday party. Teddy is two, like Dustyfeet, although he insisted on having four candles. We sang happy birthday to Teddy. Several times. Blow out your candles, Teddy!

Time to cut the cake with the special knife…

…and make sure everyone has a piece.

After that, it was Baby’s birthday party.

And then Panda’s, and then Dolly’s, and then Mummy’s, and then… well, you get the idea. We sang happy birthday a lot that day, and it has been sung many times since. Teddy would be an old man by now if he’d lived as many years as he’s celebrated birthdays!

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