A bag of stones

There’s a great shortage of natural objects in our life. We don’t get to play outside much, and when we do,  it’s “Keep-off-the-irrigated-grass” and “Don’t-pick-that-up-it’s dirty” (and it really is – Dustyfeet has been sick two or three times from eating noxious dust here). We had an amazing Christmas holiday in Oman, where the beaches are clean and strewn with beautiful shells (which we collected and exported to Gulf Town), but most of the time, there are no sticks and stones.

So I bought a bag of stones from Ikea. I paid real money. For stones.

I also made a felt flower (because we don’t really have flowers, either). I could probably have bought one of those from Ikea, too, but why would I, when I can sew one?

For those who like to know, the stem is a straw in a tube of felt, and the flower itself is just two layers of felt with some stuffing in the middle. Easy.

My idea was that Dustyfeet might like to do some flower planting, which she did, for a bit…

…but actually she was much more interested in transferring the stones from one pot to another.

And back again.

Then she found the bags that the stones came in, and decided that they looked like jellyfish, so we sang “Three jellyfish” several times and she acted it out.

Later we put the stones in her sensory box. I thought she might like to play with her digger, but no, it was still all about filling and transferring.

I introduced some cracked wheat (which is nice and gravel-like and good for digging), and she did play with the digger for a bit.

But then she discovered that the wheat was even better for filling and pouring!

Ho hum. She very definitely had her own ideas about what she wanted to learn that day. But at the end of the day, Dustyfeet’s play nearly always comes down to the same thing.

Cup of tea, Mummy?

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