Colour-matching with playsilks

The heat is rising in Gulf Town and we are coming once more to that time of year where Dustyfeet and I spend a lot of time at home looking for things to entertain ourselves. The task seems a little easier this year, however. For one thing, we’ve done it before, and for another, Dustyfeet is a year older and is much more able to engage with different tasks and even to create some of her own – which might or might not require my involvement.

When I give her particular activities to do, I try to hone in on whatever her current interests and areas of development are, and at the moment it is COLOUR. She is constantly pointing out to me how one item is exactly the same colour as another. “Look, Mummy, they’re the same!” So yesterday I got out the playsilks, arranged them in squares, and asked her to bring me as many toys she could find that were the same colours. She caught on immediately, and carried out the task with obvious enjoyment.

She had no trouble at all with matching the colours correctly, but she still finds green and blue confusing. I must come up with some green and blue activities!

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3 Responses to Colour-matching with playsilks

  1. whiteamber says:

    I would like to get some play sillks too, did you get yours from here? Where can I get them from?

  2. I bought plain white silk scarves from a US website and dyed them myself. You might be able to find similar here somewhere, maybe in the fabric souk – or actually, any collection of nice scarves or bits of fabric will do!

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