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Dustyfeet’s adventures in the Great British Outdoors

We’ve been back in Gulf Town for two weeks. The temperature is dropping (sometimes it dips below 40C) but Dustyfeet looks out of the window and says “Can we go outside, Mummy?” Then she answers herself: “Too hot to go … Continue reading

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The temperature is rising in Gulf Town

We arrived here in November and the climate has really been very kind to us: clear winter skies, the occasional duststorm, but generally very comfortable. Now the heat is on. 43 degrees outside today, and 46 forecast for tomorrow. It’s … Continue reading

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A celebrity blonde in Gulftown

Taking Dustyfeet for a walk here can be an interesting experience. My daughter has been blessed, or cursed, with blonde hair and blue eyes; in this Arabic nation she is very unusual, and sometimes going out with her is like … Continue reading

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Hello, this is me!

Well here goes with this new project – to be written in the couple of hours per day when Dustyfeet still likes to take a nap. I’m Sandytoes and I’m a British-Australian expat mum in a small Middle Eastern country … Continue reading

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