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How to make a cardboard carousel

Well, it’s been a while! We left Gulf Town over a year ago, and now live in Brick Town, UK, where at the moment there is very little sand or dust, but a great deal of mud and water. Dustyfeet … Continue reading

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A tin of marbles

While I was getting breakfast this morning, Dustyfeet was playing with some marbles. She laid them all out in a line. Then she arranged them very neatly in pairs, placing a plastic link around them to make sure that they … Continue reading

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A bag of stones

There’s a great shortage of natural objects in our life. We don’t get to play outside much, and when we do,  it’s “Keep-off-the-irrigated-grass” and “Don’t-pick-that-up-it’s dirty” (and it really is – Dustyfeet has been sick two or three times from … Continue reading

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Teddy’s swing

I recently acquired this book: It can’t quite decide whether it’s a how-to book or an introduction to Waldorf educational philosophy, but that’s a winning combination for me! Dustyfeet likes the book too, as it’s full of beautiful photographs. She … Continue reading

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Teddy’s birthday party

We recently acquired a wooden birthday cake, when one of the Gulf Town supermarkets suddenly acquired a big shipment of Melissa and Doug toys from somewhere. I love wooden toys, especially Melissa and Doug, and I couldn’t resist it! Nor, … Continue reading

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Making heads

I realise I have been very inefficient at keeping up with this blog since we came back to Gulf Town after the summer. This is partly because the summer is over and we are out and about much more, so … Continue reading

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What town planners have in their playrooms

Sandydad is an urban planner, so it didn’t take much persuasion to get him to collaborate with me on this project. We cut strips of black paper (A4, cut in half lengthways, plus a few pieces cut in a curve) … Continue reading

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